Monday, October 27, 2008

Week 9 Power Poll

Here's the deal with the "Power Poll". Most other pollsters take last week's poll, and promote or demote teams based on whether they win or lose, then fill in the teams around them. This leads to some weird results, but everybody just accepts it. I do it differently; I just take each week's game, and decide who is better than the next team. On a week like this, you get different results, such as teams moving up in the rankings for losing.

1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Penn State (nice win on the road with your backup quarterback)
4. Florida
5. Oklahoma State (Example #1... take the #1 team down to the wire in their house, you get credit for that...)
6. Georgia
7. Oklahoma (defense has completely disappeared)
8. Utah
9. USC
10. Ohio State (Example #2... lead the #3 team in the country for most of the way, you get credit for that, even if you lose...)

Big XII Standings
1. Texas
2. Oklahoma State
3. Oklahoma
4. Texas Tech
5. Missouri
(Huge gap here...)
6. Nebraska (Only win by the North over the South on Saturday)
7. Kansas (Badly exposed by Tech, and in common opponents Tech and Iowa State, fall far short of the Huskers)
8. Baylor
(Another gap seems to be forming here...)
9. Colorado (Only because of their victory over Kansas State)
10. Kansas State (Only because of their victory over Texas A&M)
11. Texas A&M (Only because of their victory over Iowa State)
12. Iowa State (Fallen off the face of the earth after leading Kansas at halftime three weeks ago...)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Husker fans. I know this doesn't have a lot to do with this blog entry, but I found this on the boards and thought it was pretty cool. I get pumped up by the pageantry of college football and this behind the scenes video is kinda cool.