Thursday, January 08, 2009

2008 Final PowerPoll

The Gators earned it on the field tonight, but Oklahoma proved themselves worthy of their place on the field tonight. If Oklahoma's receivers make a couple of catches, rather than letting them bounce into Gator hands, we might be hailing Bob Stoops instead of coronating Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow.
  1. Florida
  2. Oklahoma (Yes, Bob Stoops lost another bowl game. But you know what...he keeps putting the Sooners into the BCS Championship game. That counts for something.)
  3. Utah (Undefeated, and their victory over 'Bama makes them worthy of consideration)
  4. USC
  5. Texas (No, Colt McCoy. Squeaking by Ohio State makes your claims of #1 even more shaky.)
  6. TCU (Lost to Oklahoma and Utah...)
  7. Alabama
  8. Oregon
  9. Georgia
  10. Penn State

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