Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Night Dessert: The End is Near

Just three more games in this season's college football season left. It looks like I actually had one of my better week's with my picks; I'm 7-3 so far against the spread. I did miss the Georgia Tech/LSU game badly, and while I was wrong about Utah, I couldn't help but root for the Utes, who showed they belong in the BCS.

Unlike the Big MAC conference, who are once again proving themselves unworthy of consideration as a major football conference. Certainly Ohio State is unworthy of their Fiesta Bowl berth. Originally, I think the Fiesta Bowl might have hit the panic button and thought that the Buckeyes would flock en masse to the Phoenix area one more time. Well, that didn't happen. The Big MAC is now reduced to hoping that Texas is still moping about not being in Miami. If they feel they've got a score to settle, it could get ugly tomorrow night.

Although Ndamukong Suh says he's 99% sure he'll return to Lincoln for his senior season, I think I'll wait until January 15th passes before passing judgement. Nothing against Suh, mind you. I just think that until the date passes, it's always up for rethinking. It's going to be very tough for a college student to turn his back on NFL money. Especially when it comes time to pay the second semester book bill.

Steve over at the Big Red Network thinks that Florida Atlantic's victory over Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl means next year's season opener isn't a laugher anymore. Truth be told, while the bowl victory is nice for FAU, it really doesn't change opinions dramatically about Owls. Their only out-of-conference victories are Central Michigan, Alabama-Birmingham, and Western Kentucky. Even with the bowl victory, they probably won't crack Sagarin's top 100 college football teams.

On the Chalco stadium front, nothing new to report, though we'll probably hear something either later this week or next week with the Nebraska legislature scheduled to begin a new session on Wednesday. Here's the mood in Lincoln: they're looking for income and property tax cuts for the citizens of the state. They aren't looking for tax incentives for businessmen from out-of-state. And while they use Ted Turner as an example, you could just as easily say that state incentives for a baseball team owned by out-of-state interests probably will get just as cool of a reception. Not that we didn't already know that.

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