Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Momentous Day for America

After Sunday's Pittsburgh Steelers victory over the Baltimore Ravens, CBS interviewed Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin about the game. The biggest deal about Tomlin? He's the youngest coach to make it to the Super Bowl. Nary a word about his skin color.

Today, the United States takes the next step forward with the inauguration of Barack Obama. A day that many people thought might never happen is now ready to unfold in front of our very eyes. Certainly the eyes of the entire world will be on Washington, though really, it's not all about skin color.

America has had minorities run for the Presidency before, but none mounted a challenge like Obama. I attribute that to the fact that Obama ran not as a black man, but as a leader who happens to be black. After years of partisan bickering from both sides of the aisle, we've finally elected a President who really does seem to welcome input from all sides and viewpoints. Maybe it's all just rhetoric to this point, maybe it's all been a facade. Maybe Barack Obama will govern like that liberal tag his detractors tried to pin on him during the campaign.

After eight years of scandals followed by eight more years that some characterize as the "worst presidency ever," Americans screamed for Change. Some put their faith behind a Senator from Arizona with a reputation as a maverick. Others put their faith behind a one-term Senator who seems to inspire confidence like no other American leader since Ronald Reagan.

In the end, Obama won the election over John McCain. But the victor has held his hand out to his opponent, looking to the Republican maverick for inspiration and advice. No trash talk. No claims of "scoreboard" or "mandate". No rubbing it in.

Shouldn't that really be the way life should be? Shouldn't that the way sports should be? Wouldn't life be better if we all followed the code espoused in the Husker Prayer, whether it be at work, at home, or at play?
If we should win, let it be by the code,
Faith and Honor held high

If we should lose, we'll stand by the road,
And cheer as the winners go by
Yes, today is a great day for America and the world. It's not because a black man is now the President of the greatest country in this world. You may not agree with all his policies. You may not agree with any of his policies. You see, it's because out of all the partisan rancor coming out of extremists on each side emerges something more centrist, something that allows this country to come together, if we allow it.

God Bless America!


A J said...

Do you know how many smart-ass replies I have rolling around in my head right now? Many of which include the word "communist", "Empty suit" and empty promises." :)

Regardless, a historic day to put political battles aside, and celebrate the moment....even if you're still completely wrong and have been for quite some time.

Thank God you didn't quote Tom Osborne though..at least you get credit for that.

Enjoy the day my friend.

Husker Mike said...

I will. For the first time ever, the Presidential candidate I supported is being inaugurated, breaking an 0-for-6 run.

And one of these days, perhaps you'll realize just how wrong you were and continue to be.

rancidcrotchrot said...

Obama didn't run as a black man because he is not one. He is a half-white, half-black man.

Nate said...

Crap..I hate to agree with AJ on anything. What with the Husker hating..
But I gotta agree. Obama is not a good choice on this one.
Boy that hurt.

Jeremy said...

"as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn't that radical. It didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution...the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties."
- Barack Obama

"Put not your faith in men, but bind them down with the chains of the constitution."
- Thomas Jefferson

Compare and contrast. We'll see if Obama rules with the rhetoric he campaigned with or the statements and record prior to that. I'll give him the chance.

NU6NCS said...

Abortion factories put back to full speed ahead. Disbanding SDI defense ( Star Wars), spending ( wasting) billions of dollars on PORK projects ( misrepresented as a stimulus package) on the backs of future generations.

Yeah Barack HUSSIEN Obama is really going to move toward the center and heal all the angst and we all will be frolicing in the daisy fields with all of our enemies very soon.

Oh to be popular again with the socialist european countries just like a high school pom-pom cheerleader would want to be.

Yes we are in much better hands now that we have a smooth talking socialist in charge that can make the ignorant masses swoon.

Husker Mike said...

Your EMPHATIC use of Barack Obama's middle name pretty much screams of ignorance if you think that his middle name implies something. And that type of name-calling is exactly the type of politics I think we are finally going to move away from.

If you really believe there his middle name means something sinister, there's really nothing in this world that can possibly help you.

Anonymous said...

Look Michael,

If I adjust my post to refer to the " annointed one" as simply Barack Obama, will that enable you to focus on the massive hyprocrisy of this new bipartisan effort called the stimulus bill.

Simply put, the Republicans have rightfully rejected that boatload of garbage called the stimulus package and are being portrayed as obstructionist by the " BIASED MAIN STREAM PRESS". The press and duped or ignorant americans still have their collective heads way up the "annointed ones" behind and can't see what a pompous socialist is when they see one.

So far Obama has only given lip service to bi partisan efforts and is trying to cram down the american peoples throats the most wastefull spending in the history of this country. The intent of this bill is to expand govt. and give a cursory nod to stimulating the economy. It's a complete joke.

Speaking of jokes. When are all the Tax cheats, errr I mean cabinet members going to be confirmed.

Along with calling out Rush limbaugh and other medis types, what other amateur hour mistakes is this guy going to make?