Sunday, December 06, 2009

Famous Games Where the Clock Was Allowed to Run Out

1998 Rose Bowl: Weasels versus Washington State. Ryan Leaf spikes the ball with two seconds left at the Weasel 26. The clock runs out, and we never know how the game should have ended.

Hmmm...Note Ryan Leaf is well behind the line of scrimmage after the spike when I snapped this image.  Yet the clock runs out...and the sportswriters still gave the Weasels their trophy.

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Mike said...

I wonder: is the result changed at all if replay is allowed?

Another question: what was the precedent last night? In other words, did the clock usually stop at the instant a ball landed after being thrown away or did another second or two tick off? I would bet that was the case, and if so, the inconsistency is frustrating (though maybe understandable).

Either way, we shot ourselves in the foot plenty of times on that final drive. The whole situation could have been averted.