Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday Night Hot Chocolate: Still Recovering From a Bad Weekend

What a crummy weekend sports-wise.  The Mavericks laid an egg at Ewigleben as Ferris State swept UNO, as UNO only scored 1 goal all weekend.  Freshman goalie John Faulkner didn't get any support from his teammates, and Dean Blais seems to have lost confidence in Jeremie Dupont, who didn't even make the travel roster.  For UNO hockey, I almost wish Christmas was coming two weeks early because I think this squad needs a break.  Instead, they have to make the road trip to Alaska this weekend... right before finals week.

Nebraska basketball came out strong for the first few minutes against Creighton, jumping to an early lead, then allowed the Bluejays to go on a 13-0 run to take command of the game.  All in all, it was a brutal basketball game to watch.  Ugly play, and a bad broadcast on KMTV-channel 3.  (And no, I'm not referring to Travis Justice either!)  Simply poor video quality; my eight year old camcorder gave me a better picture than this game.  I suppose it's good for Creighton fans to get their games on broadcast TV, but you'd think someone on the Hilltop could splurge for a couple of HD camcorders to spruce up the broadcast.  In any event, both teams have a long way to go to become relevant nationally.  At least the Huskers can hope that Christian Standhardinger might become an impact player in Big XII play.

I get the feeling some people just are never going to be satisfied with Bo Pelini's fiery demeanor.  Saturday, as far as I'm concerned, Pelini handled the ending of the Big XII championship game exactly right.  He congratulated Mack Brown, then headed off to express his frustration in private.  Except, of course, some of the media was in the tunnel when Pelini started demanding an explanation of what happened.

And no, Dirk Chatelain...it WASN'T "off the mark".  Yes, it was the right call in the end, but without a detailed explanation, it shouldn't sit well with anybody wearing red.  Put yourself on the Husker sideline, you see Colt McCoy throw the ball out of bounds, and you then look at the clock, and see zeros on the scoreboard.  Those of us at home saw the ball hit with :01...but that's because ABC superimposes the clock on the screen.  That wasn't happening in the stadium, and I doubt that anybody at the stadium not involved with the ABC broadcast had the whole picture.  So Pelini demanded an explanation?  Big effin deal...I think he deserved one in that situation.  So he got a little carried away...what do you expect?  That's the way the Pelini's are wired.  Check out the story that Carl Pelini relayed last week at the Big Red Breakfast: 

When Pelini and his wife, Kelley, were first married, they went back to Ohio to celebrate Thanksgiving with his parents, seven siblings and their families. Early that morning Kelley got a taste of her new family.
Because the house was so full, the couple had to sleep in the kitchen, under the table of all places.
“It was 6 in the morning ... we hear my dad get up, he's making coffee,” Pelini said. “My oldest sister comes down, they start talking about something, then they started getting into each other and disagreeing over it.
“Then my older brother hears the argument, he comes in because he has something he has to say, and in about 15 minutes all eight kids and both parents are in the kitchen at 6:15 in the morning yelling at each other.” 

Let me ask this..whaddya think Bob Devaney would have done Saturday night?

Meanwhile outside, the blizzard rages...snowblower is somewhat busted, so we'll see how soon I can dig out tomorrow.  Should have expected this type of storm, as we're back into the patten that brought us the Monsoon for the Missouri game.  A few years ago, I came across Kansas City meteorologist Gary Lezak and his remarkable LRC theory where weather patterns seem to repeat themselves roughly about 60 days.  Since then, I've followed his long term forecasts and found them to be rather uncanny...even though he's forecasting things 180 miles south of town.  So I'm not surprised that when the weather pattern that brought us an October monsoon resulted in a December blizzard when it returned.


Jeremy said...

I agree with you on Pelini's frustration. I appreciated how TO seemed to support Pelini in getting his complaint and explanation too.

I'm in the Joplin, MO area and we've got the only other guy in the country that does the weather pattern thing (Doug Heady) and I swear by the guy.

Ed said...

@Jeremy ... Yeah. Doug Heady used to work in KC with Gary for a short time and learned about the LRC theory when he was here,