Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday Night Beer: Mizzou Helmets Better at Night & Concerns about Stadium Financing

At the start of Saturday's Missouri-Kansas game, I thought with those uniforms, this game should have been played on the SmurfTurf in Boise with those hideous uniforms on display.  Red jerseys with blue pants?  And black on dark gray helmets?  In the daylight, both uniforms looked out of place. But after the sunset, the black "M" on the Mizzou helmets started to emerge under the stadium lights, and they actually started to look cool after dusk.  Uniforms still sucked, though.

Nebraska Watchdog has an interesting article about how keno revenues are down more than expected over the last year, and how that affects the funding for the new downtown stadium for the College World Series. Concerning?  Absolutely.  But let's put it in perspective of the entire economy.  I wish my 401K was only down 15% over the past year.  Heck, considering that the Legislature has had to go into special session due to the economic downturn, it really shouldn't be a surprise that keno revenues are down.  But don't be surprised if the "doom and gloom" crowd doesn't jump on this development.  Keep in mind that keno is only part of the equation; car rental taxes and hotel taxes are key components as well.  Those two will also be likely taking hits in this economy.  We'll see where things go longer term.

Not surprised to see 4 Huskers make the coaches All-Big XII team today...and in fact, I really thought Phillip Dillard might make it as well at linebacker.  Not sure how Alex Henery only made honorable mention at punter, though.  And for my money, I'd vote for Missouri's Danario Alexander over Colt McCoy for offensive player of the year.  If you took those two players out, Missouri would be hurt far worse than Texas would.

Nice to see UNO hockey break out of their slump this past weekend with a sweep of Western Michigan.  Friday night, the Mavs got off to a great start with Alex Hudson finally starting to produce like I thought he would with an assist and a goal in the first period, and the game winner in the third.  Hopefully he's gotten untracked.  UNO needs to start making some headway in the standings on the road in December, as the Mavs schedule is back-loaded with the big names in February.  Points will be tough to earn by then.

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