Monday, September 06, 2010

2010 BlogPoll: Week 2 Draft

Boise State's victory over Virginia Tech tonight could be one of those things that completely blows up the BCS as we know it. Blame sportswriters who demanded that strength of schedule be removed from the formula after Florida State and Nebraska earned BCS title shots ten years ago based on strength of schedule.  That has led to teams scheduling down as wins became the only thing that matters.

And now, Boise State may now have the easiest route to the national championship game, thanks to the sportswriters who complained ten years ago.  I myself am voting Boise #2 for now, and could easily make a case for them being #1 because they truly have the most impressive win of the season. On my blogpoll ballot, that may not hold as the season progresses. Somebody else will probably have a more impressive victory at some point, but for now, Boise has earned it.
Oregon moves up not so much on the basis of blowing out New Mexico, but rather the general suckage of other teams in the top ten. As score after score went by, you had to stop and say "overrated" over and over...and the problem is, you can't drop somebody without moving somebody else up.  Hello Oregon!

I personally think Iowa might be too high at #12 at this point, but again, I wasn't sure who else to move above them. It's early, so that's where they end up. Oklahoma State gets a mention for an impressive victory over Washington State.  Missouri loses their spot after Pinkeling things away in the first half against Ron Zook. If this was a straight power poll (which I'd like it to be), Oklahoma would be nowhere on the list, but I'll leave them at the bottom of the top ten for now.

As always, your feedback is welcome.  I'm not sure I like how things go after about #15.  North Carolina might be penalized too much for losing with so many suspensions, but they might end up being ineligible in the end. Wisconsin might also be penalized too much for their play on the road...

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Kevin said...

Duron Carter is a big loss for the Buckeyes,they need to improve their offenses.
Nice post!