Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 BlogPoll: Week 3

This week's big mover is Oklahoma, who proved last week was simply "looking ahead" by pasting Florida State.  So they recover much of the standing they held in my preseason poll.  Boise State drops in part due to the Hokies loss and in part because Ohio State and Oregon looked very good in impressive wins.
Nebraska jumps into my top ten not because they looked that good, but rather because Miami and Virginia Tech didn't look good. Another impressive performance by South Caroline puts the 'Ol Ball Coach into the Top Ten as well.  I considered dropping Virginia Tech out of the poll completely for a 1-AA loss, but remembering the hangover effect and a short week, I'm keeping them in at #19.

New teams are Stanford, Arizona, and the Weasels.  I'm not sure UConn and Notre Dame are all that good either, but it's a better schedule that most teams have played at this point, so being 2-0 counts for something here.

Other teams I considered for the Top 25 were Missouri and Texas Tech.  Neither has played a team like Michigan has beaten, so for now, the Weasels get the nod.  As always, your feedback is welcome as I can make changes for a couple of days.

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