Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Night Dessert: Coz At It Again In GopherLand

If you're like me, when you saw the Minnesota vs. South Dakota score roll by yesterday, all you had to do is chuckle and say "been there, done that." In 2007, UNO defeated South Dakota 41-14, and three years later, the Coyotes roll into Minneapolis and post 41 on Kevin Cosgrove's defense.  The Daily Gopher sounds like something I would have written in the first three years of this blog:

Minnesota has fast, strong, agile, big players on the defensive side of the ball.  Yet the defensive line couldn't contain the quarterback on roll-out plays.  Tackling technique was awful.  The linebackers failed to recognize screen plays until the fourth quarter.  Blitzes were always telegraphed.  The defensive secondary was routinely deep-fried by receivers lacking in Big Ten speed.  No effective adjustments were made as the game progressed.  Worst of all, the defense would celebrate small victories as if they had just won the Super Bowl, all while they were still losing to a team that was in Division 2 a few years ago.
Most Gopher fans are after head coach Tim Brewster, but KSTP-TV's Darren Wolfson recognizes Coz's fingerprints all over this:
Most of Brewster's coaches are capable of finding work elsewhere. Defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove? Not so much. It is obvious now why he was a coaching free-agent for an entire season. It is also obvious now why Nebraska ran him out of town. Where was the press-coverage on the pivotal 3rd-and-4 at the end of the game? It was very clear that South Dakota was either calling for a slant pass or a quarterback keeper. Brewster went hard at the defense in his postgame interview on the Big Ten Network.
My next chuckle came when I finally found the score of the Cal-Colorado game.  52-7?  My oh my.  The Buffalo fans over at the Ralphie Report deluded themselves once again this season.  But if you've got a free weekend, you can catch Hawai'i play the Puffs in Boulder and take the whole family for less than one ticket to the Nebraska-Washington game.  That's can get four tickets for $60.

I also had to chuckle on the drive home as someone had covered up the sign for "Callahan Creek" along I-80. Instead of the official green interstate marker, the sign now had been papered over with a new red sign that read "Pelini Creek."

I just realized why I couldn't find the Bo Pelini show on last Sunday...seems that it's changed channels once again, and now it's on KPTM-channel 42 at 10 pm. Of course, nobody's ever bother to announce it. Even lists it as on WOWT-channel 6 after the late news following Sunday Night Football.

Oh, and serious props to Turner Gill for a nice comeback by upsetting Georgia Tech yesterday.  That should cool off the pitchforks that were aimed at him all week.

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