Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday Night Beer: Decoding The Definition of "Game Manager"

In a radio interview today, Kansas State quarterback Carson Coffman was described as a "game manager," a reference I've read previously both in the Kansas City Star and Bring On The Cats. Last year, we heard this label used on Nebraska's Zac Lee, which made me wonder if "game manager" really isn't just a nice way of saying "he's not very good, but he's the best we've got." Coffman has put up rather mediocre numbers (completing 50% of his passes in conference play, plus throwing for only 66 yards against UCLA) this season, but that's been enough to keep the Wildcats undefeated so far this season.

Speaking of Lee, the now third-string quarterback for the Huskers finally talked to the media today. He's saying all the right words, and I'm assuming that Shawn Watson is  speaking the truth when he praises Lee for how he's handled the demotion. Truth be told, I would not be surprised if Lee had to play a key role at some point this season. Lee was not the major problem last season on offense from my perspective, but Lee's skills don't fit the offensive model that Bo Pelini wants his team to have. (And if you remember some of those early season quarterback runs, you know what I mean.) But he got better as the season went on (remember the Holiday Bowl?), but he's no match for Taylor Martinez when it comes time to run the ball. But at some point in the season, Nebraska may need someone to throw the ball, and when that time comes, #5 might come into the game to bring the team back from behind.

The Omaha Royals announced their nine finalist candidates for their new nickname...and some of the worst names survived this election.  Cattlemen? Hailstorm? Storm Chasers? Wind Walkers?  Ughh.  Commanders? Force? Not horrible, but not very good either. Sodbusters? You've got to be kidding me.  Omahogs? This is a joke, right?  Seriously, either the Royals purposely selected these nominees to get an endorsement of the Royals nickname...or the Royals are taking a cue from fictional team owner Rachel Phelps in trying to run the franchise into the ground to escape their 25 year lease at BFE.

Oh, and did you see Danny Woodhead on Monday Night Football tonight? Just another reminder that measurables sometimes don't mean squat when it comes time to evaluate a football player.

Finally, all this speculation about Jeff Garcia leaving the Nighthawks for the Philadelphia Eagles is bad news for the initial season for Omaha's UFL team, but is good news long-term for the UFL (and Omaha). It's needed publicity and promotion of the quality of the league, and it illustrates just how important the UFL could be as a partner with the NFL.  Every other sport has their minor leagues...except the NFL. The UFL isn't going to try to replace the NFL, but it could have a lifespan as a development wing for the NFL, especially if the NFL invests in it.

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