Monday, October 17, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot

With the Huskers on a bye week, I didn't feel like moving the Huskers up for not playing...but with the losses by some teams, there's an opportunity to look at teams with a new perspective.  Namely a school like Michigan State, which looked pretty good against the Weasels.  But there's still that loss to Notre Dame, which is worse than Nebraska's loss to Wisconsin in my book, so I'll give the Huskers the edge there.

And that victory over Washington is looking more impressive all the time; the Huskies are 5-1.  It's also time to show some love towards Kansas State, who's quietly up to 6-0.

Also added to the poll is Texas A&M, who didn't collapse in the 2nd half against Baylor.  I debated about knocking out Illinois out of the top 25 altogether, but they suffered enough being Zooked.

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