Monday, September 24, 2012

BlogPoll: Oregon Moves to #2

Oregon's dismantling of Arizona bumps the Ducks up to the #2 position...that and LSU's two point escape from Auburn.  Good thing the Tigers weren't playing Louisiana-Monroe this week.  South Carolina also rises with a blowout victory over a not-so-horrible Missouri squad.  (Welcome to the SEC, guys!)

Notre Dame, sadly enough, can now stake a claim to the Big Ten title after sweeping Purdue, Michigan State, and Michigan.  Some will put them in the Top Ten, but I'm still skeptical.  It took a narrow comeback to beat Purdue, Michigan State is overrated, and I'm not quite sure what to make out of Michigan.

Into the poll this week are Mississippi State and Arizona State.  Michigan State's struggles with a horrible, winless, Eastern Michigan squad validates my preseason concern that the Spartans have nothing other than Le'Veon Bell working on offense.  They're out.

And is that Northwestern leading the B1G as the only team in the Top 20?  Sadly yes.  Hate to reward a team for a 1-AA win (that's why NU only went up one spot), but it's hard to argue with 4-0.

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