Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ticketmaster Announces Ticket Sales for UNO Outdoor Hockey against North Dakota

Stumbled on this a few minutes ago.  According to Ticketmaster, a season ticketholder presale for the outdoor hockey doubleheader between UNO and North Dakota, plus the Omaha Lancers and Lincoln Stars, begins on Monday, September 24th at 10 am.

All well and good.  But I just stumbled into this.  There's no official word from UNO yet; no announcement in the paper.  There's no information about how season ticketholders buy tickets.  Just that ticket sales begin next Monday for season ticketholders, and for the general public on Monday, October 1st. is this supposed to work now?  Shouldn't season ticketholders know the details of this by now?  All we know is the prices of the tickets:  $28 and $78, plus Ticketmaster fees.  Do we have to buy them online?  If not, where do we go?  What seats are $28, and which are $78?  (That's a bit of a spread, by the way...)

$78 for a top-end ticket  in a good location isn't terribly overpriced for a special event like this. (I expected top tickets to be $100, personally) $28 for most tickets is probably a good deal.  But how many tickets are there at each price level, and where are they?

Fans probably want to coordinate their ticket purchases so that they are sitting near friends, so a little advance notification would have been awfully nice.  But it looks like "advance notice" is out the door now, and now all we have to hope for is getting some sort of notice before the pre-sale ends.

Somebody is dropping the ball on the execution of this event, and that's not a good sign.

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Yeti said...

Speaking as a season ticket holder for the Lincoln Stars, we were given some paperwork with our season tickets that describe the process and password needed to begin buying tickets to this event on Monday, September 24th.