Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tyler Moore Gone for Good; Chase Rome Returns

It's one of those win one/lose one scenarios today about wayward Huskers.  Tyler Moore announced that he's transferring to Florida, but Chase Rome has officially returned to the Husker football team. I never assumed both were gone, but I was more pessimistic about Moore than Rome.  In the case of Moore, despite the denials, the rumors were that Moore wanted to be closer to home...and that's what happened. (It was pretty obvious it was going this way once Moore's father neglected to mention Barney Cotton or John Garrison when discussing the coaches.)

Maybe I was being a pollyanna, but I kind of expected Chase Rome to return.  I may have been alone on this one, though.
Here's what I wrote last week about Rome:
Maybe Rome goes back to his apartment, sleeps on it, and talks to friends and family about what happened.  Maybe he realizes that as a third-year sophomore, he only can play one more season at another 1-A school unless he gets his degree.  Maybe after a cooling off period, Rome can sit down with the coaches, clear the air, and rejoin the program. Pelini seems to be leaving the door open for now, that's a positive.
And one week later, he's back. Maybe with a better attitude and effort going forward...or maybe not.  Either way, if the coaches and his teammates are fine with it, I'm fine with it. College students sometimes do stupid impulsive things, and I'm glad that this seemet to work itself out.

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