Monday, October 22, 2012

BlogPoll Ballot Week 8: Staying with Alabama

Matt Hinton, the "Sunday Morning Quarterback" asked a rhetorical question this morning that made me stop and think about Alabama.  I've been operating under the fog of 'Bama's whitewashing of Michigan, Arkansas, and Missouri -- and just putting them at the top of the ballot by default. Hinton thinks Florida or Kansas State really deserve to be ranked on top.
He does have a point.  Kansas State beat Oklahoma, and Florida just demolished an injury-riddled South Carolina team.  But both teams have "hmmm" games on their list:  Kansas State's six point win over Iowa State, and Florida has a 13 point win over Bowling Green.  Alabama has been consistently impressive all season I'm keeping them on top.
I'm giving South Carolina a bit of a pass for losing to Florida with an injury-riddled squad, though South Carolina probably gave that game away at the Swamp.  Or maybe I just want to stick it to Notre Dame for protesting so vehemently last week. :-)

West Virginia was exposed as a fraud, so they are out of the rankings.  Arizona State usually would have fallen further, but I was struggling for teams to add to the rankings.  So they fall just 3 spots.  Louisiana Tech probably deserves some recognition for being 6-1, so in they go.  I hated to rank Boise State, but couldn't come up with anybody else.  Heck, I even considered listing Nebraska here...but held off for one more week. 

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