Monday, October 15, 2012

BlogPoll: Rethinking Some Assumptions

One team I'm changing my mind on is Oregon State; yes, they were bad last year, but it's hard to dispute that they are playing really well in 2012.  So I'm giving them a big boost in the rankings.

One team I'm not changing my mind on is Notre Dame; in fact, in light of the gift they received from the officials in overtime, I'm counting yesterday's game as essentially a guess what, the Irish drop in my rankings.  Eventually, the luck of the Irish is going to run out.

Notre Dame fans are already hollering though.  Congratulations on being undefeated...but let's put that in perspective.  3 B1G victories isn't all that noteworthy this season.

Yes, I'm keeping South Carolina ahead of LSU.  I know, I know...scoreboard...but deep down, I think the Gamecocks are the better team at this point.  LSU just had their number on Saturday night.

West Virginia didn't even show up against Texas Tech, so they fall...and fall badly.  Iowa State stays ranked for challenging a top five team...that, and not being sure who to move into the rankings. 


Aaron Gernes said...

"Congratulations on being undefeated...but let's put that in perspective. 3 B1G victories isn't all that noteworthy this season. "

As compared to those three victories over San Jose State, Duke, and Arizona? And that loss to Washington? Ridiculous bias. hahaha

Husker Mike said...

I noticed you didn't mention Stanford's victory over Southern Cal. That tops everything Notre Dame has accomplished.

Kyle Jones said...

Except perhaps a win over Stanford? You know you sound ridiculous right?

Husker Mike said...

I know that on the record, Stanford lost the game. But when I compare teams, Notre Dame tied Stanford at home. That was a touchdown.