Monday, January 07, 2013

Alabama's Good, Real Good, But Not 60-3 Good

Alabama's domination of a vastly-overrated Notre Dame is going to raise a lot of calls that Alabama's program is the best ever.  Certainly three national championships in four years is a major accomplishment.  But let's pause and look at Alabama's four year run:

2009: 14-0
2010: 10-3
2011: 12-1
2012: 13-1

Three national championships, two conference championships.  49-5

Now let's look at the program that Alabama will be compared to in these "all-time greatest" comparisons:

1993:  11-1
1994:  13-0
1995:  12-0
1996:  11-2
1997:  13-0

Three national championships, four conference championships.  60-3.

Drop 1993 if you wish:  It's still 3 national titles, 3 conference titles, and 49-2.

Bottom line:  Great four year run...but Nebraska's 60-3 run is still the standard for now.  It gets a lot more interesting if Alabama runs the table next year, mind you.  But for now, Nebraska is still the standard.

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