Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kugler's End of Overtime Call in Denver Gets the Deadspin Treatment

Former Omaha sports talk host Kevin Kugler was in Denver to call last Saturday's Denver/Baltimore game on the Dial Global national broadcast.  At the end of overtime, Kugler and partner Mark Malone expressed surprise that Baltimore would let the clock run out on the first overtime and switch sides of the field.

It came off, though, like Kugler didn't realize that the game was going to a second overtime and the Baltimore drive would continue onward at the 32 yard line. And that earned him a mention and criticism from Deadspin.  As well as on Twitter:

Safe to say that this one probably wasn't one of Kugler's better calls  But everybody has a slip-up once in a while, and Kugler's a great announcer.  It happens.

(Side note: Be sure to listen to Kugler's call of Nebrasketball tonight from the Devaney Center on BTN. Maybe Tim Miles gets his first B1G victory against Purdue..)

That being said, I do hate when teams let up and play for a field goal in a game deciding situation.  I understand the risk of turning the ball over, but there's also the risk of the kicker not making the kick  I always believe in taking advantage of every opportunity to win the game, and that not only means trying to score the touchdown, but also trying to get closer.

Speaking of which, I still don't agree with why Denver took a knee at the end of the fourth quarter.  The Broncos have a hall-of-fame quarterback in Peyton Manning, and two timeouts.  Take a shot, with the understanding that you cannot risk a turnover.  You just might win the game in regulation and not even give Baltimore another shot.  I see the counterpoint; cold day, Manning hasn't thrown much.  But you have an opportunity to win the game outright.  If it goes to overtime and Baltimore gets the opening possession, Denver might not get another chance.  Try a couple of pass plays.  Baltimore has no timeouts, so if it gets to third down, take a knee and head to overtime rather than risk a punt and another miracle throw.

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