Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2012 BlogPoll Final Ballot

After last night's game, there shouldn't be any doubt as to who the #1 team in the country is.  It's after that where the argument lies.  I'll take "Orey-Gone", as Doctor Lou would mumble.  Notre Dame confirmed my long held suspicion they are overrated.

Yep.That's them at #13.  Right behind Florida, who laid a more surprising egg against Louisville. Stanford goes to #3, with A&M 4th.  I could easily go with A&M third though. 

Baylor skyrockets in this poll; does anybody want to play the Bears now?  Louisville enters at #16; beat an SEC team in a bowl game soundly, you get the credit.  Nebraska stays ranked; if I think Georgia is a top 5 team, then being tied in the fourth quarter should count for something.  Especially with this motley crue at the bottom.  The only other team I considered for a spot was Oklahoma State, frankly. 

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