Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ralston Arena Scoreboard Fails As UNO Basketball Tops the Century Mark

Two nights after Creighton beat Missouri-Kansas City 96-70 in basketball, UMKC traveled across town to play UNO.  And got throttled again, losing 101-71 at the Ralston Arena.  That was the official score in the book.  The scoreboard in Ralston said something completely different at the end of the game.
Photo Courtesy of Tim McMahan/Lazy-I

Yep, UMKC 71, UNO 1 was the final on the Ralston Arena scoreboard

Seriously, you have to wonder how a basketball scoreboard could not be programmed to handle triple digit scores.  That's a somewhat common occurrence in basketball. Most every high school gym has a scoreboard that can handle 100's.  And this is a video board, which should remove any physical limitations over what can be displayed.

Not sure who should get the blame: Daktronics, who I believe supplies the video boards for the Ralston Arena, the folks in Ralston, or UNO.  Or everybody...because that's simply embarassing.

That shouldn't take away an impressive performance by UNO's basketball squad, who were led by C.J. Carter with 16 points. The transitive property doesn't typically apply in sports, but it is worth noting that UNO defeated UMKC by a larger margin than their more-well-known cross-town counterparts from the Hilltop.  (Of course, when your star player is none other than Dylan McDermott, of course more people are going to flock to your games.)

I wonder if Kevin Kugler got autographs for his wife and kids?

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