Sunday, November 06, 2005

Fire Steve Pederson

(Update October 7, 2007: It's Time to Pull The Plug on Steve Pederson...)

Bill Callahan should NOT be fired.

He is in year 2 of a monumental transition. It is not going well, and I'm doubtful that he is the answer as Nebraska's head coach. But, we're only in year 2 of his run. Some of the holes in this year's team may start filling themselves next season, especially on the offensive line. But however cathartic the firing might be, the next question is, who would replace him?

Several names have already been brought up. Joe Glenn at Wyoming. Monte Kiffin of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Barney Cotton at Iowa State. I'll throw out Marvin Sanders at North Carolina as well. As much as I like Frank Solich, he'd be a poor choice; there is still a large contingent of Husker fans who despise him. Many of them actually blamed him for yesterday's debacle.

But the decision as to who would replace Bill Callahan doesn't belong to the fans. It's the responsibility of the athletic director.

The person currently filling that position has experience in coaching searches. His process was roundly criticized and lampooned 2 years ago. Fox's Jimmy Johnson quipped that a dozen NFL guys received raises thanks to Steve. At least 3 of Pederson's candidates are already in hot water and in danger of losing their current job: Dave Wannstedt (who might get fired for the 2nd time), Houston Nutt, and Chuck Amato.

Steve Pederson is a divisive figure in this state. Named last year as Nebraska's Enemy of the State by Sports Illustrated, fundraising for the Osborne Complex has stalled since his last coaching change. I don't doubt that Pederson loves the University and the athletic program, but it's obvious a change is necessary.

Hopefully, Steve will do the right think and resign. But if he doesn't, fire Steve Pederson.


Carl said...

I don't think Callahan should go (yet), but Pederson should be asked to leave and so should Callahan's buddy Kevin Cosgrove.

I'm sick and tired of hearing these coaches veiled accusations about the players after these types of losses. The biggest villian in these cases is Cosgrove. His answers are always the same, its the players fault.

Pederson and Cosgrove should split the cost of a moving van and get out.

HuskerTruth said...

Now this I agree with 100%

Carl said...

I don't understand jp's 'dream on' comment. Its not like I want Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan to fail, I was really happy when Steve came back to Nebraska from Pitt. I thought it was a real coup. I was mildly pleased when we picked up Callahan from the Raiders.

Now things are different. The Huskers have completely collapsed and there's no real end in sight. Someone should lose their job over that. Callahan is still struggling to turn things around and has not had the time to plug 'his' kids into 'his' system. Pederson, however, has no excuses. He screwed the pooch. I have no doubt that UNL would at least be competative under Solich/Cotton/Pelini.

I'd rather be undefeated and bowing down before the greatness that is Pederson and Callahan. Instead I'm watching the worst Husker team to take the field in my lifetime.

People like jp want to make this about them. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, its about results. No matter what 'side' you're on, you should be rooting for the students to win. I don't see that happening until its made clear that this level of failure isn't tolerable at UNL.

Anonymous said...

Mediocrity has come to this...