Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sports Illustrated: "Out of line"

Mark Beech of Sports Illustrated writes this week that Nebraska's struggles start at the position that Nebraska used to become a national power in the first place: the offensive line. It's a fairly balanced piece; it skewers everyone including:
  • The fans who called for a coaching change 2 years ago after that "not very impressive" 9-3 season.
  • Bill Callahan for his "condescending" demeanor and his gaffes when playing Oklahoma.
One thing it does call for is patience, quoting Arizona coach Mike Stoops as saying that Nebraska's change is going to take time and patience if it is ever going to succeed.

And I agree to a degree. I'm willing to give Bill Callahan at least one more year to see if we start seeing some progress. It's not a endorsement of Callahan by any means; outside of recruiting, he's made far more mistakes than he's made good changes too date. But Nebraska can't get into a coaching carousel. Look around at how difficult it is to replace a legend: it took Alabama 3 tries to replace Bear Bryant. It took Oklahoma 3 tries to replace Barry Switzer. How many tries did it take for USC to replace John Robinson??? I still don't think Bill Callahan is the answer at Nebraska; he's just the 2nd guy to try and replace Tom Osborne.


JP Anderson said...

Don't you mean John McKay? He was the legend at USC. John Robinson was the Frank Solich who inherited the team, was successful a couple of years with McKay's recruits and then tanked it. They won a title with McKay's recruits, in fact, in 1978.

USC even hired Robinson back later on and he was worthless the second time around.

Husker Mike said...

Both John McKay and John Robinson were successful at USC. Robinson left USC the first time to take over the LA Rams for 9 years.