Thursday, November 10, 2005

Scott Frost speaks

I just got done reading Scott Frost's latest entry to his blog, and all I can say is:



StHoLe said...

I give Steve credit for one thing he has a percentage of fans believing the program is not named Nebraska but Steve Pederson. The man has the gift to get people to buy what ever sh^& he is selling.

I was reading some posts fro the remaining members of the Pedey brigade on a Nebraska message board and they are really starting to lose it.

There is at least on poster on the board, who is at the least an employee of SP and at the most she is having an affair with him. She honestly believes the man can do no wrong and nothing has ever been his fault. First Frank was the problem then the players were the problem now it's the fans and former players who are at fault. Anybody but SP I guess.

This same poster was asked to name anything good Callahan was doing. She mentioned that the players were playing with fire. Today she blamed the players for not playing with fire. So Callahan is doing good to get the players fired up but it's the players fault they aren't playing with any fire make sense? It does to her

The funny thing was on Wednesday it was wrong to say anything negative about anybody or anything connected with the program now on Thursday it is perfectly fine to say to a Quarterback that led Nebraska to a National Championship "screw you".

Of course If you ask the same people who say you shouldn't say anything against the program if they felt that way three years ago you are met with silence.

between 1998-2003 when they were the ones complaining it's was perfectly fine to complain about what was going on in the program now in 2005 if you do so you are not a fan. I wonder if Bill Byrne new that anybody who insulted the AD wasn't a real fan. I bet it would surprise him.

The new strategy amongst Steve Pederson's fans and employees that he dispatches to post on message boards and blogs is easy to see. The Blame Frank game has gotten old and isn't working anymore now it's blame the fan. Anybody who disagrees with him will be labeled a fair weather fan who doesn't believe in the program and what it stands for. If Bill Callahan goes down it's going to be a hit to Steve Pederson and Pedey will have to find a way to survive it. His plan is to tell the fans that He was right and it would have worked out if the fans wouldn't have been impatient and forced him to abandon the plan.

2003 Year Of The fan
2005 Year Of blaming the fan.

Carl said...

You, sir, are correct.

He Hate You said...

2006 The year of the fan eating crow

Carl said...

HE HATE YOU(JP): I honestly hope your right and I'm wrong about these coaches.

I doubt I'm wrong.

He Hate You said...

Callahan does have a long ways to go to live up to TO's standards..

like keeping a gun in his desk drawer that was used by a player in a shooting and not turning it over to the cops right away

letting a certain D-lineman play after being accused of at least two rapes

etc etc etc

TO was a great coach and a man of respect and integrity but he was also a human being and all human beings make mistakes and slip up from time to time

it's time to stop worshipping TO as a God and TURN THE PAGE

Carl said...

Do we want a coach we can respect or a coach who'll win? Personally I'd like both. Callahan has given us neither.