Thursday, November 03, 2005

Which way will they go?

I must say that after last week's game, I was extremely pessimistic about this week's game against Kansas. However, after I thought about it a bit more, I remembered that I still think Oklahoma is a pretty darn good team. With Adrian Peterson back in the lineup, I think they've got a legitimate case to be the 2nd best team in the Big XII. Yes, that means I think they'll run the table and beat A&M (boy, Franchione sure hit a bump in year 3), Texas Tech (overrated), and Oklahoma State.

But, Kansas' defense is legit. Problem for them is, their offense isn't. Nebraska might not be as good as the Jayhawks on defense, but they're better than them on offense. Either way, this is shaping up to be a low scoring affair. First team to 10 wins? The over/under on this one is 38. Yuck!

Since this game is not on TV, you'll either have to drive to Lawrence or listen on the radio. Fortunately, you don't have to listen to the Husker Information Minister; UNL's students will be broadcasting the game as well. You can get their webcast at

Meanwhile, the UNO Maverick hockey team tries to bounce back after a bye week against Bowling Green. The 0-4-1 Falcons miss their inspirational leader, Jordan Sigalet, who is now on the roster of roster of the NHL's Boston Bruins despite battling Multiple Sclerosis. Hope the game still goes on; their last home game was postponed after someone drilled into a cooling pipe while setting up the nets.


JP Anderson said...

I'll be in Lawrence cheering on the boys.

If I were you I'd avoid KRNU.. I know it doesn't seem possible anyone could be worse than Jim Rose, but those kids are terrible.

I never thought we'd be wishing Warren Swain was still here.


Jon Johnston said...

They're students - what do you expect? Might be interesting listening.
I believe we'll beat KU, but of course, I thought we'd beat Mizzou and OU, too.
Ah well.

jjj112665 said...

jp, just went to your blog and now I know why you want Mike to go away. Wow talk about worthless. Nice liberal view points though.
Mike, keep up the good work and dont let jerks like jp make you give up. I get tired of hearing how we should all just shut up and support the AD and the coaches. Probably the same guys who were calling for Frank to be replaced. Now I was not really a Solich fan but I would rather have him then the current coach. I will always root for the Huskers, same as you do, but that doesnt mean I have to like or support the coaches.

JP Anderson said...

jjj112665 your punctuation and spelling skills are astounding

rock on.. keep up the great work