Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here we go again

In today's Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska executive associate athletic director Marc Boehm was interviewed regarding Barry Collier:

"We're not going to discuss the job status of any employee - head coach or any employee - unless that job status changes."

Sound familiar? It sure reminded me of previous statements by Steve Pederson that he doesn't talk about coaches in-season.

Only problem with that policy, is that Pederson and company don't always follow that policy.

In the uproar that followed last season's 40-15 thrashing by Kansas, Pederson sent a letter to boosters - violating that very policy that they cited today:

"I did some interviews earlier this week where I was asked about the coaching staff, the team, and the future of Nebraska football. I told them that I've seen dramatic improvement in practice and on Saturdays. We are playing a style of football that is attracting the nation's top young talent. Our coaching staff has the trust of our players and together they are improving. Our prospects for recruiting another strong class are great."

Perhaps Barry Collier has already been told he's going to be fired. But if he hasn't, this continued dangling in the wind is just delaying the inevitable. If you aren't going to live by the no-comment rule when Bill Callahan is in the cross-hairs, then don't use it regarding Barry Collier.

Boehm's "no comment" is about as close to "he's fired" as you can get. If you really want to dispel these rumors, you'd say something along the lines of "There are still 4 games left in the season, and we're in the upper division in the Big XII conference standings. Our focus is on finishing this season strong." Last Saturday's loss hurts, but the Huskers are still in position to get a first round bye in the Big XII tournament.

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Abe said...

After the big win against the Buffs, you've gotta think Barry's still alive. They're in the top half of the conference with a shot at the NCAA tournament. They probably won't make it, but this could still be one of the best BB seasons for Nebraska in years. Perfect time to fire the coach.