Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lousy Weekend Wrapup

Last night's loss has the Nebraska-Omaha fan base in an ugly mood; probably a natural reaction to an ugly game with an ugly result. Time to turn that foul mood towards something positive; namely squeegeeing the fresh ice at the Qwest Center with Bowling Green this weekend.

It was a weird weekend in college hockey. Wisconsin got swept by Minnesota-Mankato. The Weasels of Michigoon tied, then lost, to Ferris (Bueller!) State.

UNO is still 7th in the PairWise ratings, so they are still in position to make the NCAA tournament with a good showing in the CCHA playoffs. Everything UNO wanted to accomplish is still possible; as far as the CCHA playoffs goes, it's just going to take more work. No need to hit the panic button yet.

Husker hoops followed up a very impressive victory against Colorado with an off performance at Texas A&M. Aleks Maric got into early foul problems, Nebraska fell behind quickly by 10, and that's pretty much the way the game played out.

Johnny Dorn pitched much better today, giving up 3 runs in 5 innings today against St. Johns for the Husker baseball team. Huskers won 12-4 after losing to Rice 3-2 yesterday.

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Adam said...

I'm really suprised that Pinnacle didn't send Rosie down to Houston for the weekend...the Huskers squaring off against another top-five team and no radio coverage?!?