Wednesday, February 22, 2006

YostBuilt Analysis

Interesting read from the Evil Empire on last weekend's Michigoon/Nebraska-Omaha series. Despite not even listening to the games, he correctly predicted that on 3 out of 4 UNO goals Friday night, a Weasel defenseman "screwed up".

Speaking of Jack Johnson, lots of commentary there about the Weasel's talented goon. The speculation is that he'll only play one season in Ann Arbor. You can see his talent, but his lack of discipline is going to inhibit his development.

Husker fans might enjoy their take on the Alamo Bowl as well.


Adam said...

Johnson was one of the most-hyped recruits (along with Kessel) in a long time. I think he's a hell of a player, and gets unfairly tagged a lot and hated on (much like Redick) because he's just that good.

That said, I think a lot of his 'problems' with taking stupid penalties, being caught with his jock down, etc., have more to do with maturity than anything else.

Another year in college wouldn't hurt him, he needs to buy into a team philosophy instead of a individual.

During Danny Nee's last season in Lincoln, the team had shirts printed up that they wore in practice had the word 'TEAM' in huge big bold letters on the front, and beneath it in very tiny letters was 'me'.

The meaning? Big Team, little me.

Husker Mike said...

Pretty much agreed. I haven't seen a player like Johnson since Landon Wilson played in the USHL. When his maturity levels catches up to his talent level, he'll be a star.

However, I don't know if another year in college will help his maturity. He might need a couple of seasons in the minor leagues where some goons can drill it into his skull.