Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterbacking - President's Day Edition

UNO's 3 points this weekend all but wrapped up home ice and a first round bye for the boys in the CCHA playoffs. They just need a win against last place Western Michigan, or a loss by Lake Superior State (against Michigan State) and Northern Michigan (against Ohio State).

Michigan State's sweep of Miami this weekend shook up USCHO's PairWise ratings; UNO is now in a 3-way tie for 4th place. This still projects them out to the east coast for the NCAA tournament, but now as a #2 seed.

Just like college football fans bitching about the BCS, hockey fans bitch about the PairWise ratings as well. We'll hear the same complaints next month in college basketball from somebody who ended up in the NIT instead of the NCAA basketball tournament.

All in all, it was a shame that this series conflicted with the Nebraska High School wrestling tournament. The Civic is a great barn for college hockey, but this series could have drawn 9,000 or more to the Qwest Center when you consider lost skybox and club tickets, plus a walkup crowd that the sellout turned away. It did get incredibly loud at the end of Friday night's game; nobody heard the horn go off at the end.

Meanwhile, in Lincoln, a big crowd showed up to watch Barry Collier's team take on Bobby Knight. Problem was that Aleks Maric picked up two quick fouls in the first half and spent the rest of the half on the bench, which ended up erasing the momentum Nebraska brought from their win at Iowa State. When Maric sat, Nebraska was up, but by halftime, Tech was up. This was another loss that has Husker fans shaking their heads.

Husker baseball got started this week, with Joba Chamberlain on fire but Johnny Dorn getting rocked. No radio coverage will begin until after basketball season, since all of Pinnacle's staff is busy with hoops. (Rose is the PA announcer at men's basketball games.) This is where Pinnacle's decision to fire John Bishop last year really hurts the Huskers. Husker baseball is huge right now, and baseball games will probably get better ratings than basketball. Heck, 1620 the Zone carried 3 Creighton baseball games this past weekend, and they've hired Bishop to announce for them.


Adam said...

Actually Mike, Pat Combs is the PA announcer for men's hoops...and I replaced Bishop as the PA for women's.

Husker Mike said...

I stand corrected. Rose did the PA work for men's hoops last year, and I just assumed that he still was doing it.

Adam said...

Yeah, Rose did it last year, and I think it was just too much of a commitment to do it this year as well. Combs does a great job and has an amazing set of pipes.

Speaking of 'Where are they now' I talked to Gary Sharpe the other day, he's doing well for himself out in Wheeling, WV.

Husker Mike said...

Sharpe is another guy missed around here on gamedays.