Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anybody want to be a Husker Hoops Assistant?

So far, Husker basketball coach Barry Collier has gone 0-for-2 in his search to replace Scott Spinelli. Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald reported today that both Chris Chaney and Tim Thomas have rejected offers to become a college assistant coach. Why Chaney & Thomas? Both have coached current player Jamel White and recruits Toni Soda and Roburt Sallie.

While both say that coaching in the Big XII and at Nebraska would be an outstanding opportunity, both stated that family matters kept them from accepting the job. Family issues were part of the reason Spinelli gave for leaving Nebraska. Is Lincoln, Nebraska suddenly not a family friendly place?

Of course not. Unless, of course, you are a men's basketball coach. Apparantly, Steve Pederson's vote of confidence isn't carrying much weight with anybody. Collier investigated the Ball State job last month, which seems to suggest that even Collier isn't sold on his prospects in Lincoln.

Husker hoops is looking more and more like a program adrift when prep school assistants are turning down a job. Rumors of a buyout were floating around Lincoln in March; perhaps it's time to reopen those discussions. Perhaps Collier has a good plan "C", but I'm becoming more and more skeptical.

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