Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rose: Nebraskans Don't Understand Baseball

Nebraska fans are probably getting an itch to press the "panic" button after losing their third conference series in a row this weekend. Yesterday's 10-4 victory looked like the Huskers might have broken out of their slump, but today's 6-2 loss to the Sooners squashed that momentum. The Huskers now limp into the postseason with no momentum. Whether they host a Super-Regional or even a Regional at this point is a secondary concern; the primary issue at this point is to get the bats and defense back into gear and get some confidence.

I wonder what the Husker Information Minister will have to say this week about Husker Baseball. Last week, Jim Rose dismissed the concerns that the Huskers were slumping by stating that "Nebraskans don't understand baseball" as they never started following the sport until Dave Van Horne started to turn things around in Lincoln in 1999. Uh, what? I guess Rose just assumes that the folks that show up year after year to watch the College World Series are really just holding their seats for the World-Herald's 4th of July fireworks show. By this weekend, Rose put his kool-aid back into the 'fridge and acknowledged several times that the Huskers were slumping and needed to get momentum back ... and fast.

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AJ said...

LOVE Jim Rose. Glad he's yours and not mine.