Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Beck Backup Plan

Before the Spring Game, I suggested that Bill Callahan and Jay Norvell would be scouring the junior college ranks for another quarterback. Questions about Harrison Beck's progress and health, combined with a lack of confidence in Beau Davis and Joe Ganz are fueling this desire. Well, Callahan and Norvell are moving faster than I thought. They've offered Lyle Moevao, a junior college quarterback, a scholarship for this fall.

Unlike Jordan Adams, who only played in one game as a JuCo, Moevao played in 12 games in his freshman year. Moevao also is being pursued by Oregon State and Colorado, though they are looking at him for 2007.

What does this mean about Beck? Well, Moevao provides Nebraska with sorely needed depth at quarterback. Zac Taylor is clearly the starter, but he is a senior who took a huge pounding last season. What did Nebraska coaches tell Moevao about Beck?
“They said me coming in would basically give him (Beck) competition to get back (from his shoulder problems) and do what he needs to do, and put more depth at the quarterback spot.”
But with Moevao and Beck on the same eligibility cycle (3 seasons of eligibility over the next 4 years), it's obvious that the coaches are hedging their bets on Beck. At the very least, Nebraska is hoping that Moevao will be a quality backup to Beck in 2007.

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