Saturday, May 20, 2006

Callahan: Another Opponent Announcement Forthcoming

In this morning's Omaha World-Herald, Bill Callahan commented that Nebraska is finalizing discussions with an opponent that "people will be excited about". Callahan went on to say
"We like to recruit out East, down South, on the West Coast, so we love this kind of exposure," Callahan said. "I'm in favor of getting the good teams on the schedule and creating the home-and-homes."
Translation: This means that this is likely to be an SEC, ACC, or Pac-10 opponent. Will this be a top-tier opponent? I'd like to think so, but some people have different ideas about "exciting". Some people think that the Nichols State game will be exciting.

Who would I like to see from this group? I'm not particular, but I'd love to see Florida, Florida State, Miami, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, or UCLA pop-up on the Huskers schedule.

What do I fear? Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Mississippi State, Directional Florida/Directional Louisiana, Duke, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington State. I don't foresee these schools making an "exciting game" or attracting the attention of the average sports fan.

I'd also like to see some of the Bigger 10 teams appear on the schedule, but that's not as likely to happen. Naturally Michigoon, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin. Minnesota could be an interesting game down the line if they get a new stadium; it's a reasonable drive for Husker fans to attend.

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