Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Soggy Snoozer

Today's Nicholls State game was one for the die-hards and the first-timers. Rain showers arrived in Lincoln about 90 minutes before kickoff which made this mismatch even more miserable to watch. (I found out in the 2nd quarter that the ScotchGuarding on my coat has worn out, meaning that by the time I got home, I was a soggy, soggy mess...)

So what, if anything, did we learn today? First, Marlon Lucky is the #1 I-back. I saw some good things from the other backs as well, but Lucky saw more time in the earlier portions of the game. I do think Callahan is going to continue to play all of the backs. Next week, I expect to see Lucky in the game about 40% of the time, Brandon Jackson in the game about 30% of the game (for his pass protection), and Cody Glenn and Kenny Wilson splitting the rest of the time.

Second, even if Matt Herian has lost some of his speed, he hasn't lost his soft hands or his ability to get open and make big plays.

In any event, today's game really is irrelevent in terms of identifying where Nebraska is. Callahan even admitted that many of the things they did today were intended solely to play with the minds of future opponents (read: USC's Pete Carroll). Callahan could get away with that today with an overmatched 1-AA opponent...but now, the big test against USC awaits for next week.

The action elsewhere in college football was much more compelling than today's snoozer in Lincoln. Unfortunately, the "out of town" scoreboard was shut off in the stadium, so I had to wait to get home to follow along.

AJ's Mizzou Tigers made a strong statement that they intend to compete in the Big XII North with a 34-7 thrashing of Ole Miss. With Kansas and Iowa State struggling in the early going, I'll place Mizzou as the #2 team in the North.

If you see a Colorado Puffalo fan, try to refrain from laughing too hard at them, if that's possible. I'm not sure what's more embarassing...going 0-2 after losing to in-state rival Colorado State today, or having the team they lost to last week, 1-AA Montana State, lose to division 2 Chadron State. How long will the implosion that began last fall against Iowa State take to complete?

Frank Solich's Ohio Bobcats knocked off the pre-season MAC favorite, Northern Illinois 35-23 today. Noteworthy is that the Bobcats scored as many points and had more offense against the Huskies as the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes had last week. It looks like Solich picked up some new tricks in his tour of college football teams 2 years ago. Bobcat QB Austen Everson completed 23 of 31 passes for 322 yards in the upset.

Also in the MAC, Turner Gill's Buffalo Bulls fell to Bowling Green in triple overtime 48-40. It sure looks like Gill is showing progress.

Florida State had to come from behind to defeat Troy tonight 24-17. The Huskers will need to be focused in 2 weeks no matter what happens next weekend in LA.

I caught a little bit of Kevin Kugler's call of the Texas/Ohio State game on Westwood One radio this evening. It's a shame that Nebraska is saddled with the incompetent Jim Rose (aka the "Husker Information Minister")as the "voice of the Huskers" when a talent like Kugler is right in our own backyard. But as long as Steve Pederson is in charge in Lincoln, Kugler will remain persona non grata.

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AJ said...

Concur on your last comment. Why on earth is Kugler not the voice of your team?

Excellent day in Columbia yesterday. It was almost surreal. As Mizzou fans, we're not used to taking SEC teams and beating the crap out of them...all the while having the offense run by a 6'0 Sophmore.

Daniel impressed me tons yesterday. He made great decisions..ran when he had to...and had all day to throw. Granted Ole Miss isn't Texas or USC, but when you consider Mizzou has lost to Bowling Green, Troy, New Mexico and a bevy of other non-BCS schools in the past 4 years..I'll take it every day.