Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Recruitnik Obsession Backfires

Recruitniks across HuskerNation are in a tizzy after word leaked that Trevor Robinson is reconsidering his commitment to the Huskers. 1620 the Zone reported that Robinson is overwhelmed by the fanaticism of those that obsess over recruiting. Rivals.com reports that Robinson's cell phone has been ringing non-stop, and Husker message boards are filled with fans criticizing everybody and anybody other than themselves.

Nevermind the fact that the kid is 17 years old. Nevermind the fact that the kid has to live with this decision, not the fans. Nevermind the fact that their obsession creates the very situation that leads to these situations.

And don't forget the kid still hasn't changed his mind yet. Just imagine what will happen if he does actually sign with somebody else?


TB said...

*sniff**sniff*...do i smell another meltdown of the Rose?

AJ said...

I've never agreed with you more.