Thursday, July 12, 2007

Return of Warren Swain

No...not to Nebraska...but the new home of former Huskers, the MAC and specifically Ohio University. Yes, Warren Swain has finally found a broadcasting job in division 1-A as "Voice of the Bobcats", 6 years after bowing out to allow Jim Rose to take over. (Boy, that worked out well!)

The guy who took over for Swain on Husker basketball also has a new gig. Randy Lee has left Lincoln to become the voice of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers.

In some football news, Stewart Mandel puts Bill Callahan on his list of worst coaches in college football. Mandel has never been a fan of Callahan, calling him a "colossal mistake" in 2005 and panning his game plan after the Cotton Bowl. Personally, I don't think Callahan belongs on the "worst coaches" list...but unlike some Husker fans, I'm not putting him anywhere near the best coaches list. This year should begin to provide us with some solid evidence that Mandel is right or wrong on Callahan. Win 11 or more, and Mandel has egg on his face. Win fewer than 9, and Mandel looks more and more right. As for the rest of his list, the only coach on his "best coaches" list that I disagree with is Mack Brown, who probably would be on the OTHER list if he hadn't recruited Vince Young.

Oh, and congratulations to former UNO Maverick Scott Parse for signing with the NHL's LA Kings.


AJ said...

Bill Callahan rotated running backs while he had Brandon Jackson.

That's flippin stupid.

And don't get me started on the trick plays, or the lame gameplan against USC.

Husker Mike said...

I've been plenty critical of Billy C...but I'm also giving him the benefit of the doubt so far. This next season, though, there isn't much room for excuses.