Tuesday, July 31, 2007

T.J. Simers Baiting Husker Fans Again

After having such success in baiting Husker fans last year, Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers is at it again. Before the 2002 Rose Bowl, he fired off a couple of lines that Woody Paige would have rejected:
One of the players also participated in a halftime contest, and won round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines. I can't imagine anything worse than living in Nebraska and winning round-trip tickets.
I KNOW the women in Nebraska are corn-fed and a little more substantial than our starlets, but the players lined up to have their pictures taken with Brad Pitt, while ignoring Heather Locklear on the other side of the court. I'm sure that will make their mothers happy. I know my mother would have just loved a picture of Pitt, but still, you would have thought the guys from Nebraska would have enjoyed seeing a pretty woman for a change. But some of them even passed up Locklear to make acquaintances with Jon Lovitz and Ronald McDonald.
Then, last year before the USC game, he rolled out the usual tired "hick" lines, even suggesting that indoor plumbing hadn't made it to the state yet.

Now he's looking to spend a few days in Nebraska before the USC game, in search of livestock, "big butted women," and feed stores. Yay! Perhaps Mr. Simers could take a few lessons from AJ the Huskerh8er, who at least has fresher takes on Husker fans.

Sad thing is that T.J. is going to get the reaction he's looking for, and in return, get plenty of fodder for more columns in September. The Lincoln Journal-Star is reminding fans that it's satire and not to take him seriously...but that's rather unlikely to work.

In the meantime, it's 4-to-1 odds on seeing "The N Stands for Nowledge" in the Times in September...


AJ said...

I appreciated the left-handed, but sincere compliment.

PS - That guy is weak..although I certainly agree with much of his message.

AJ said...

I just re-read all of that and actually I'm quite convinced that both your or I could write for the Times at any given moment.

Seriously..>I can't believe they pay that guy. I can come up with better lines than that in my sleep.