Saturday, October 17, 2009

Husker Mike's Texas Tech Post Game Podcast

"I don't believe what I just saw..."

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Anonymous said...

NUfaninTx- Mother of God what the crap was that play calling from the OC. Good Lord we have gone back to days of Big C and his inconsistent and often times clueless play calling in critical situations. 3 freaking points- OU is going to hang a 100 on us with that effort and the O will have a negative yardage situation. Also we need to give Cody a chance. I would much rather see some young talent out there getting better with each game than Zack out there being overmatched and out played. He is not the answer and will never be. Take the lumps now and give another QB because Lee is not getting it done. Also the paper on Sunday needs to read one OC need at the BIG RED Machine please apply quick so we can right the ship before the NU machine goes down in flame.