Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Night Beer: Huskers NOT a Mirror of 2007

One of the more popular suggestions of the last day is the idea that somehow the 2009 Huskers are the mirror image of the 2007 Huskers now that offense is the problem rather than defense. Except that misses one minor detail: the 2007 Huskers weren't very good on offense either for much of the season. Remember the Ball State and Iowa State games, where Bo Ruud interception returns were needed to win? Remember going seven quarters against Missouri and Oklahoma State without a touchdown, then repeating that over four quarters against Texas A&M and Texas? Yes, the offense put up some gaudy numbers in November as the defense disappeared, but at least while Sam Keller was quarterbacking, the Huskers weren't good on either side of the ball.

The reason why the 2007 Husker offense improved in November? A quarterback change, forced by an injury to Sam Keller, invigorated the offense. Is another quarterback change called for in 2009? It's becoming a more intriguing option as the offense continues to struggle. Zac Lee isn't the problem..but he's not the solution either. This team's only playmakers we've found are Roy Helu and occasionally Niles Paul. Helu is hurt, and Paul intermixes spectacular plays with spectacular blunders. So who's left to make something happen? Maybe Cody Green can make something happen; the risk factor is that while he's shown great running ability, his passing still might leave something to be desired. But it might provide a needed spark on offense. I'm not ready to demand the change, but I'm hoping that the coaching staff is considering it.

The UNO Mavericks hockey team was off this weekend, but UNO fans were excited to see former Mav all-American Scott Parse make his long-delayed NHL debut this weekend. Injuries have slowed Parse's rise to the NHL, but he's off to a great start, with two assists in his first two games last night and tonight.

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