Monday, November 12, 2012

BlogPoll Week 11 Ballot:

So much for 'Bama, thanks to Johnny Football.  Cue the ESPN hype machine for some Tebow-esque overdoing it.  In the meantime, Oregon moves to the head of the line.  I'm sticking with my current order of K-State followed by Notre Dame.  Alabama drops to #4; still think they're the best of the 1-loss teams at this point.

Nebraska stays right where they were; don't see much of a way to move them.  Oregon State lost to a top ten foe (in my book), so they don't drop much.  UCLA drops a touch for mailing it in at halftime, but I have to keep the Bruins ahead of the Huskers at this point.  Back in this week is Wisconsin (after mauling Indiana) and Texas Tech.  Mississippi State stays in because (a) it was a loss to a top ten foe and (b) who the heck do I rank otherwise?

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