Monday, November 19, 2012

BlogPoll Week 12 Ballot: Notre Dame #1 By Default

Am I convinced Notre Dame is the best team in the country?  Absolutely not.  But it's impossible to vote just about anybody else #1.  On my ballot, Ohio State is ineligible, otherwise they'd be ranked ahead of the Irish.  And frankly, from a strength perspective, I still think Alabama, Oregon, and Kansas State are better than Notre Dame.  Probably Stanford as well - especially considering that the Irish essentially tied the Cardinal, if they had called that overtime touchdown correctly.

So with that in mind...

You'll see several SEC teams dropping.  LSU dropped only to make room for Stanford.  Florida dropped for not exactly playing great against an FCS foe.  South Carolina waited until the fourth quarter to win their game against Wofford.

Joining the poll this week are Northwestern, Oklahoma State, and 9-1 Rutgers.  When there are so many four loss teams on the cusp of being ranked, it's hard to argue against a one loss Big East team.

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Brian Brashaw said...

Alabama is completely overrated. They played the weakest schedule in the SEC, avoiding Florida, South Carolina and Georgia (for now). You could make the argument that Florida State, Clemson, Oregon, LSU, Florida, and Kansas State have every bit as tough a schedule, if not tougher than Alabama.