Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baylor: Trap Game or Gaining Momentum

For all the renewed optimism around Husker fans this week, it's quite a bit of a surprise to see the glut of tickets on the market for the Baylor game. I mean, Baylor isn't the same old Baylor; two weeks ago, they blasted Iowa State 38-10. (The same score difference of last week's Nebraska/Iowa State game, if you recall.) They also beat Washington State rather soundly as well. Art Briles has the Bears playing much better, especially in their rushing game. And Robert Griffin kind of reminds me of Kansas State's Michael Bishop or Ell Roberson; quarterbacks who can beat you with their arm or leg.

Maybe it's not a big game for Nebraska if the Huskers win, but I guarantee it'll look like a big game if Baylor pulls off the upset. For what it's worth, Bo Pelini continues to be pleased with practices, which is surely linked to the Huskers improved play the last couple of weeks. Win, and Nebraska is 5-3 and in great position to get to bowl eligibility. (And maybe even more, should Missouri and Kansas completely implode... Not likely, to be sure, but still mathematically possible.)

AJ the Huskerh8r is understandably irritable this week. Between his Tigers swooning on the national stage and his 4-8 prediction looking fragile, all he's got is his belt and scoreboard from two weeks ago. Nebraska's victory over Iowa State made it impossible to keep ranking the Huskers 6th in the now he rates the Big Red 5th. That's right...behind Colorado and Kansas State.

Colorado? Where they are rotating quarterbacks, because, well, they don't really have a quarterback? Oh, but AJ says it's because their defense has been "playing well". 39 points to Florida State's #29 offense? Oh, but they held West Virginia to 14 points...oh wait, the Mountaineers are #79 in 1-A in offense. Well, they did hold 1-AA Eastern Washington to 24 points.

Oh, but that West Virginia victory is better than anything Nebraska has done this season. Well, kind of. Sagarin has West Virginia #56, which is better than Nebraska's victories over #59 San Jose State and #60 Western Michigan. Oh, and Sagarin says that #31 Nebraska is better than #53 Colorado.

And don't get me started on Kansas State. Even TB & the gang at BringOnTheCats recognize the Turd Casserole they're being forced to digest this season.


AJ said...

Why do you keep bringing up Sagrin? This is the same guy who had Texas like 25th a couple weeks ago.

You will have your shot at KSU and Colorado.

I personally think it's quite funny how a choke/moral victory over a completely overrated Tech team and a solid win over an amazingly horrible (and getting worse every day) Iowa State team is worth getting all fired up about.

Granted, I thought the clones would be better than that..but if you think you're going to waltz into Manhattan and just stop KSU, you're crazy...I don't care how bad they are. (They hate your team more than I do.)

As for Colorado...we shall see what their change at QB.

Regardless...I saw NU struggle with San Jose...lose to an inept VT team at home and get absolutely destroyed by a Missouri team (at home...worst loss in 50 years+) that your entire fan is piling on.

You might want to hold off on that 72nd and dodge party just a bit.

Easy there Tex.

Husker Mike said...

Who said anything about 72nd & Dodge. I'm just saying that Colorado and Kansas State have done absolutely zippo to be considered ahead of Nebraska at this point. Iowa State as well until last week.

You're out on an island on this one.

Deep down, I get the feeling that you spent last week trying to figure out how to rate the Huskers 7th in the North.

TB said...

I'm going to have to be honest here, I don't see any was K-State beats NU, even in Manhattan. Nebraska can run the ball fairly effectively, and K-State is completely incompetent at stopping the run. Plus, we will have just come off a stretch of games against OU, KU and Mizzou at that point, which likely means three straight big losses, and thus a demoralized team. Recovering to beat Nebraska, even at home, would be a minor miracle.

Husker Mike said...

Never say never...I would have said the same thing a year ago about Nebraska going into the Kansas State game.