Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Night Beer: One out of Two Problems Fixed

Well, the car problem turned out to be nothing major. The internet access issue, on the
other hand, is still unresolved. Qwest is coming out tomorrow. But a few quick comments
while I wait:

* As I type this, the Cubs are down 6-0 in game two, after losing game one at home. I can almost hear Ron Santo's groans even with my radio off. Never count this team out...but by that same factor, if they don't turn it around, 2008 might replace 1969 as years of infamy for Cub fans.

* Much is being made in the local media about who's the starting I-back for the Huskers. Maybe it's a mind game to keep the Tigers guessing. Or more likely, the Huskers aren't ready to demote Marlon Lucky. In any event, both Lucky and Roy Helu need double digit touches Saturday night for the Huskers to have a shot. If Joe Ganz has the ball most of the time, it could be a long (and potentially embarassing) night.

* It will take a balanced attack, but Nebraska must run the ball consistently. Mix in some occasional play action to the tight ends and the wide receivers to keep it diverse. But please, lets not rely so much on the wide receiver screen.

* On defense, Nebraska has to cut down on their blown coverages and generate a little pressure up front. If Chase Daniel faces no pressure, he'll pick the Husker secondary apart. We saw what he did last year with zero pressure. That means the play of Ndamakong Suh and Ty Steinkuhler will be critical.

More later, if and when connectivity is restored...

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