Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Night Beer: Sarpy Preparing For Negotiations

"Damn the Torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!" appears to be the battle cry for Sarpy County, as county leaders plan to move forward with negotiations with the Omaha Royals to move them to southwest Chalco/east Gretna. But the real development is still two weeks away, when Sugarland, Texas votes on their stadium complex (funded by a 10% tax on tickets, 2% hotel fee, a half-cent sales tax, and a $3 parking fee). If that carries, the Royals have the ace in the hole for negotiations with MECA and Sarpy County. If it fails, it becomes a game of chicken to see who blinks first: MECA, Sarpy County, or the Royals.

Footnote on Zack Bowman...the injury bug bites him again. After an injury-riddled Husker career, he's now out after just one game with the Bears, Bowman has a torn bicep which will require season-ending surgery. Frankly, I don't think we'll ever know how good Bowman might have been if it wasn't for all of the injuries.

Nate Swift points to the restored Unity Council as keeping the team from spiraling down into a blame game during the earlier point of the season. Last year's team was 4-3, but as the season spiraled out of control, the mental focus on the team slipped as well resulting in the total collapse of the team. Fast forward to 2008, and this team is improving and gaining confidence as the season goes on. That might be the biggest impact of the coaching change.

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