Saturday, October 11, 2008

Instant Feedback: So Close Against Tech...Yet So Far

Turns out Nebraska isn't quite as hopeless as some people felt. A great game plan, keeping the ball away from Tech and even getting some pressure on Graham Harrell at times.

Obviously, the key play of the game was Mike Leach going for it on 4th and 4 from deep in Tech territory. Harrell completes the pass to Michael Crabtree for a huge gain, and Tech eventually took the lead 31-24. But the Huskers showed heart, and tied the ball game up at 31 with :29 seconds left.

In OT, Nebraska's chances looked good once the extra point was blocked...but Ganz's interception sealed the deal for the Raiders. A great football game that many people didn't think was possible.

Not a perfect game by Nebraska... too many penalties on the Big Red once again. But the offensive line made a vast improvement this week. Larry Asante was a monster in the secondary, making up for his poor play earlier this season.

It's a loss, but did you see progress from Nebraska this week? Damn right you did.

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Damn right I did!