Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Night Beer: Brouhaha between Bo & Barney?

Breaking News! Bo Pelini was spotted yelling at offensive line coach Barney Cotton during Saturday's NU/Texas Tech game!

This also just in: Christmas is less than three months away!

Let's be honest here. Bo Pelini being demonstrative is news? It doesn't take much to find pictures of Pelini expressing himself. Last week, the big story was the "family feud" as Bo was obviously ready to fire big brother Carl.

Of course, if you've seen Matt Schick's "Carl Big Red" interview with Carl Pelini, you know how silly that idea is. Likewise, it's just as silly to think that Saturday's outburst is anything more than irritation over two successive holding penalties on the same offensive lineman.

Just the same, some idiots have created some pretty far-out stories on this one. Maybe they are auditioning for Art Bell.

Speaking of Huskers blowing up, anybody else catch Richie Incognito getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the final seconds of yesterday's St. Louis/Washington game? Josh Brown bailed out Incognito by drilling the 49 yard field goal anyway as time expired.

Sarpy County leaders aren't just satisfied with a potential $40 million boondoggle in pursuit of the Omaha Royals. Those same elected officials are also trying to clear up a $7 million snafu over lost federal funding for road construction and a lost court case over zoning standards for a warehouse near the proposed ballpark location. And people still think that Sarpy County can pull this off?

And as predicted, the folks in Fairbanks aren't too happy with Sarahcuda turncoating on the State U last weekend in Omaha. Of course, Governor Palin seems to have overplayed the "hockey mom" card, judging from the reaction she got in Philadelphia. (Thanks, Sammy V over at DXP!)

Or maybe they were just cheering "Ruuuud!" Former Husker linebacker Barrett Ruud is having a heck of a season with Tampa Bay. He's even getting some mention from Pro Football Weekly as a candidate for league MVP. Not to shabby for a guy that some Husker fans thought was too slow and untalented to start for a Big XII school.

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