Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Present from Wake Forest

Some quick notes from tonight's Wake-Husker game:
  • Tonight's game was gift-wrapped by the Demon Deacons. Twice in the first half, Wake's Chris Barclay muffed the kickoff and for whatever reason, decided to try and advance the ball out of the endzone instead of taking a knee. The result? 1st and 10 from their own 2, and 1st and 10 from their own 1. Add in a couple of interceptions on some ill-advised passes returned for touchdowns, and you have a gift-wrapped victory for the Big Red.
  • It's nice to see the Blackshirts playing with fire and emotion once again. It's obvious the depth on the defensive line has not only added playmakers, but also gives everybody a chance to stay fresh.
  • Last week's offensive line play was not simply a "bad game"; they still can't get a push going on a consistent basis. Zac Taylor at times was running for his life, and took some hard hits tonight. Until we see better line play, look for Harrison Beck to stay on the sidelines. Taylor got clocked several times tonight; I don't think that Bill Callahan wants to put the prized recruit into the crosshairs.
  • Zac Taylor continues to struggle, with another sub-50% game. Sure, some balls are dropped. But he also forces the ball into coverage. Taylor is looking more and more like a caretaker quarterback, ala Trent Dilfer. For all the criticism of Joe Dailey last season, Dailey simply was more productive last year than Taylor is this year.
  • What was Jim Grobe thinking when he scuttled their rushing attack in the 3rd quarter for a shotgun passing game? It was like waiving a white flag. Wake was having success rushing the ball on the Blackshirts in the 1st half. The Wake passing game will not scare anybody.


Abe said...

On Bill Calahan's show tonight he said he thought WF stayed too long with the running game. As you say, they were having some success with the running. Down 21-3 in the 3rd quarter, you can see them wanting to "open things up" a bit more. I agree that play action passes would have been harder to defend. The QB was under tremendous pressure when they abandonned the run.

Their no huddle offense was interesting. Gave them plenty of time to adjust to the defense.

Anonymous said...

3-8 here we come!!!

The line play is poor to say the least. Zac Taylor did appear to be able to read all of his options. His arm appears average. And the Husker defense has played inferior competition.

Anyone watch these other Big 12 games? The league is not strong as compared to years past but they appear to be executing better than the Huskers.

I hope I'm wrong and we aren't showing anything before we get to the Big 12, but if this is an indication of our play, I doubt we'll see a bowl game again.

The excuse from the Kool-Aid drinkers, "Well, Callahan really only has one year of his recruits, so we'll have to wait two more years to really see what he can do". I think the "money" will pull the plug before we have a fourth season of poor play. One of the other excuses I've been hearing, "I suppose you were one of the guys that wanted to fire T.O. when he lost to Oklahoma." My response, losing to Oklahoma 28-21 in the final quarter when both teams are ranked in the top 10 is a hell of a lot different than being blown out at half-time against an unranked Texas Tech team!!!

Husker Mike said...

Don't forget that Harvey Perlman hired Steve Pederson, and, from what I have heard, had really wanted to fire Solich. Barring a complete disaster (i.e. NCAA violations), Pederson will refuse to admit his mistake, and likewise, Perlman will refuse to admit his mistake.

Bottom line is that Bill Callahan has plenty of support where he most needs it. It will take a huge groundswell through the Board of Regents to oust the bunch.

There is one person in this state that can force this issue and start the ball rolling. However, he is currently occupied with running for governor.

mattp_68135 said...

You end that sellout streak and the higher-ups will take interest.

On the issue of the o-line not being able to get a push all night, it has to do with that pass, pass, pass, pass, run, pass, pass scheme. They aren't allowed to get that good push. Ask any o-lineman, run blocking is much easier because you take the intiative while in pass blocking you're reationary.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that you even need to end the sell out streak to have Pederson gone. Conagra, FNBO, and other companies have purchased tickets in the past in order to keep the sell out streak alive, so I think they would pony up again. After two or three years of buying 2-3000+ tickets per game, I can see Pederson starting to lose his support FAST.

A friend eith whom I attended graduate school was originally from the Pittsburgh area. I got in touch with him after hearing some unsettling things about Pederson. My friend commented that he was about to be run out of town, said that the boosters had reached their limit with him.