Wednesday, November 28, 2007 Pelini Out Of Contention...Or One of Two Finalists

Your "Worldwide Leader in Sports", has some conflicting reports on the state of the Nebraska coaching search. Sayeth "Rumor Central": Turner Gill is the leading candidate; Jim Grobe thinks he has a good shot; Bo Pelini "didn't knock Tom Osborne's socks off". Sayeth Pat Forde: Nebraska has narrowed it's search down to two candidates: Gill and Pelini.

In other words...nobody knows anything at this point. Osborne himself told KLIN radio today that this is probably going to last another week or so.

Meanwhile, via the Journal-Star "Life in the Red" staff blog, here are some thoughts from the Islands on the Cornhusker football situation. (If anything, it's good for a few laughs...)

But these good people of the Midwest (they like to call it "the Heartland," as in, "Heartland Values," which is a lot like the "Aloha Spirit," only more Republican) know how to find their rays of light. But this time called for desperate measures. They turned to the ultimate secret of happiness. You know what I'm talking about. You know the ultimate secret of happiness.

They fired their athletic director and then their head coach.

(It was really low class to see those "Fire Herman Frazier" signs at Aloha Stadium. Although the people of Nebraska seemed to really, really, really enjoy the experience.)

Still, UH fans, take note: Although firing one's athletic director can be extremely gratifying, it often doesn't actually do much. Even with the great and powerful Oz giving pep talks to the boys, the Huskers kept losing. They gave up 76 points to Kansas.

Here's how bad it is: The radio play-by-play man quit.

We've grown used to being the target of smack from Denver, Kansas City, and Dallas. But Honolulu?!?!?!? Wow. Way to go, Steve. Way to go.

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