Friday, November 30, 2007

Pitt Rehires Steve Pederson; Beano Cook Rejoices

Well, I'll be...

When I first heard the news that Pitt had rehired Steve Pederson today, I could only laugh. I mean, after the way he mismanaged the Husker athletic department ever since he was hired, I felt that Steve Pederson would never work again at an athletic director at a major institution.

I was wrong. Maybe he'll take his "management consultant" along with him, and maybe the folks at Pitt will find it productive.

Pederson had a shot back at his critics in Nebraska:
"I think managerial style depends on how many games your teams win."
Touche, Steve. You lasted nearly five years at Nebraska without addressing any criticism. You always changed the subject or dismissed the source of the criticism. (In some cases, the dismissal was an actual dismissal...see Gary Sharp, John Bishop, or Kevin Kugler...) I especially liked the time when you called a critic at a booster luncheon an "Oklahoma fan". It looks like Steve Pederson hasn't learned anything from his experience at Nebraska.

I had to chuckle at the response from Beano Cook:
"Christmas came early for the Panther faithful today. Steve Pederson saved Pitt athletics the first time he was here. Now, like Grover Cleveland, he returns to the office where he belongs. All Pitt fans should thank Santa Claus -- and Mark Nordenberg -- for this early gift." can I top Beano?

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Anonymous said...

Who's "Pitt"?

Anonymous said...

Well, apparently Pitt and Pederson were a good fit the first time around. But now I see that the first thing he did was extend Dave Wannestadt's contract. Incredible.