Saturday, November 03, 2007

Please Make It Stop!

Not sure if anybody yelled "Dead Coach Walking" towards Bill Callahan as he walked out of Kansas Memorial Stadium, but if they had, they wouldn't have been far off from the truth. Today's 76-39 drubbing certainly makes the inevitable all the more clear. I'm sure it's going to be difficult for the families of these coaches who are going to be uprooted as these coaches try to resurrect their careers elsewhere. But today's game was simply more proof that this coaching staff is overmatched at the coaching level.

Example in point: Joe Ganz making his first start since high school. Callahan hands him the ball and has him throw the ball on every down in the second quarter. Absolutely no running game in the 2nd quarter, save for a few scrambles. First start against a top ten opponent, and Callahan goes one-dimensional and puts it completely on the shoulders of a green quarterback. Ganz did pretty well for his first start, but it's completely shameful that his coach put the onus on him. But we've come to expect that of Bill Callahan.

Kansas and Nebraska are simply polar opposites with respect to football. Nebraska has tradition, facilities, history, and more Rivals stars than you can shake a stick at. But Kansas has superb coaching, great preparation, and dedication. And today, they have scoreboard to prove that all that those Rivals stars are meaningless if you don't have great coaching, preparation, and dedication.

I've rated Kansas in the top 10 of my Power Poll most of the season, and I've been ridiculed by some, saying that Kansas was a fraud. Is 9-0 Kansas a fraud? Absolutely not. But today's game was simply more evidence of the fraud that was committed on Nebraska and it's fans by Steve Pederson and Bill Callahan.

Speaking of frauds, if Nebraska's defense is no longer wearing black practice jerseys, why is Kevin Cosgrove wearing a black shirt on the sideline? All of those reasons for revoking the Blackshirts apply to Cosgrove over and over and over again. Cosgrove wearing black on the sidelines is an insult to past Blackshirts who set the standard for Husker defense. Why is the architect of the worst Husker defense in nearly 50 years allowed to wear black?

Those of you who listened to the broadcast probably noticed that Jim Rose was absent from the booth. Last week, he was suffering from a cold, though he was absent from KFAB yesterday as well. Greg Sharpe, former Kansas State Wildcat announcer, was called in on Thursday to replace Rose; however, nobody is mentioning illness as a reason. Is Rose's support of the "Vichy" Nebraska regime coming back to haunt him? Hard to say. Rose has tried to distance himself from Steve Pederson in recent weeks, but it may not be enough to salvage his career as the Voice of the Huskers, as they'll likely want to remove any aura of the last four years as the Husker football program tries to recover from the damage Pederson and Callahan did to this program. Keep in mind, it may just be a bad cold, in which case every Husker fan needs to wish him a speedy recovery.


AJ said...

55-10 Mizzou over CU in Boulder. KU beat the same team by boulder.

Mizzou beat NU by 35. KU beat NU by 37.


Anonymous said...

OMG......... wake up people! These teams are not that good....NU is just that bad! I could not rank NU in the top 100 right now. So lets ask this again. Who has Kansas beat?

Husker Mike said...

37 is greater than 35.

Missouri's win over the Buffies was VERY impressive. (I didn't see much of it, since I went to watch the Weasels sweep the Mavs tonight...) Hard to argue with 55-10.

When I do my next "Power Poll", the Tigers will be ahead of the Jayhawks. But the Jayhawks will be right behind...

Anonymous said...

Mike blamming Callahan for throwing the ball. Stupid, by the look of the score we should have been trying to throw the ball deep every play to get back into the game. 48 points in the first half alone.

Lee said...

Could be pissing in the wind, but might make a statement.

AJ said...

I will give KPU credit...they've beaten who they have to.

But if you look at both teams and compare them...everything KU does a Mizzou strength. Everything Mizzou does a KU weakness.

I'm telling you..if Mizzou beats KSU in 2 weeks..and there's no reason they shouldn' may as well start carving that fake trophy.

Anonymous said...

"Mike blamming Callahan for throwing the ball. Stupid, by the look of the score we should have been trying to throw the ball deep every play to get back into the game."

Anyone who saw the game can attest that NU's defense could not stop Kansas. At all. It stands to reason, then, that the best way to claw back into the game is to keep KU's offense off the field. While the panic induced by a huge deficit might tempt one to urge pass-heavy play calling, pass-exclusive play calling is just foolish. It's like playing a poker game and showing everyone your hand just before you raise the stakes...What do you think is going to happen if you do that?

Anonymous said...


Could be pissing in the wind, but might make a statement."

Even if it does make a statement, it's the wrong one. Bring back the option? This is the delusional nostalgia that people like the Husker Hater find, quite rightly, laughable. Those days are over. The sooner we realize that, the better off we'll be.

It simply isn't realistic to expect NU can 'restore order' if, by 'order,' you mean a blind adherence to the superficial aspects of a tradition. If the tradition of NU football is in jeopardy it is because Nebraska fans have become spoiled by the successes of the past and have lost sight of what makes collegiate football so much fun in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Jim Rose has a cold...

Isn't that how the Soviets used to prepare their populations for a change of leadership? "The reason you haven't seen Brezhnev/Andropov/Chernenko in public is that he has a cold"